Report: Doctors Tell Nikki Bella That A Full-Time Return Is Not Possible

Former WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella was originally scheduled to appear on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw. However, this never happened as she was informed by doctors that any accidental bump would set her recovery back. This is according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

The initial plan was for Nikki to be involved on Raw in a non-wrestling role, where she would set something up for the 5-on-5 Divas tag match at WrestleMania32.

Nikki has been told by doctors that a full-time return to the ring will never be possible considering the severity of her most recent neck injury. This injury required major neck surgery at the end of January. She’ll meet with doctors in July for a CAT scan in order to see if the bone in her neck has fused. Nikki is still hopeful for a return to WWE television on a part-time basis.

Mark’s reaction: This is sad news for Nikki. She has kept very positive over the last two months about making a full recovery and being able to compete on a full-time basis. It looks like that isn’t in the cards anymore. Nikki, as well as most fans, knew that the type of surgery she underwent back in January was a potential career ending one. Even if she’s able to come back on a part-time basis, I’d consider that something Nikki should be proud of. However, she likely won’t even know if that’s a possibility until a few months from now. TJRWrestling wishes Nikki Bella the best in the remainder of her recovery.