Report: Charlotte Flair vs. Trish Stratus Expected to Happen at WWE SummerSlam on Aug. 11

A women’s dream match is expected to take place at SummerSlam on August 11th. Charlotte Flair is expected to face Trish Stratus in Trish’s hometown of Toronto according to a report from Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet. It was also reported by John Pollock of Post Wrestling today they can “confirm through multiple sources” that Flair vs. Stratus is happening at SummerSlam. They set it up with a Charlotte Flair promo last night on Smackdown.

Charlotte Flair lost to Ember Moon on Smackdown this week in a match that was ended in under one minute. Bayley made her entrance during the match, Flair was distracted by that and Moon pinned with the ROLLUP OF DEATH~! because we all know that move is so deadly.

Later on Smackdown, Charlotte was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber. Here’s what I wrote in the Smackdown review this week:

Charlotte Flair was interviewed by Sarah Schreiber. Flair complained about Bayley and Ember earlier in the night. Flair said that being off of SummerSlam was a slap in the face and Bayley choosing Ember as her SummerSlam opponent is a slap in the face. Flair wondered how do you leave the woman that is “solely responsible” for the women’s revolution (or evolution?) off of SummerSlam? She also called herself the “queen of all eras” of sports entertainment while wondering how she can be left off SummerSlam. Flair said she will be at SummerSlam and said she will demand to be at SummerSlam. Flair said that her opponent will be better than Ember Moon and she will prove she is the greatest female superstar of all time.

It was an interesting promo from Flair just based on the words she used by calling herself the “Queen of All Eras.” It got a lot of people thinking about what she meant. Now it all makes sense with Flair vs. Stratus as the SummerSlam plan. SummerSlam takes place on August 11 with two more weeks of Raw and Smackdown before the show that takes place in Toronto, which is Trish’s hometown where she still lives.

The obvious way to build the match is to say that Flair has the most Women’s Title reigns in WWE history with nine while Trish Stratus had seven Women’s Title reigns. They are the two most decorated women’s champions in WWE history. Trish is considered one of the best women’s superstars in WWE history while Flair is arguably the best woman from today’s era considering how much success she has had in her four years on the main roster.

After Smackdown, Flair also this image of herself with the same comment.

If you follow Stratus on Instagram then you know she’s a busy mom that loves being with her two young children. Trish is 43 years old and she retired as an active wrestler 13 years ago, but she showed in matches like the Royal Rumble and at Evolution last year that she can still put on a good show.

They have two more weeks to build the match, so they can either have Flair challenge Stratus or have Stratus confront Flair for thinking she was the best.

If Flair vs. Stratus does happen at SummerSlam then it would be their first match against eachother.