Report: Bray Wyatt Injury Is Reason For No Lesnar Contact At WWE Roadblock

World Wrestling Entertainment held a live WWE Network special this past Saturday in Toronto called, Roadblock. One of the advertised matches for this event was Brock Lesnar vs. Bray Wyatt. It was a match that was originally supposed to happen at WrestleMania 32, but was nixed for the currently scheduled Lesnar vs. Dean Ambrose Street Fight.

At this year’s Royal Rumble, after Lesnar already eliminated them, Luke Harper, Eric Rowan and Braun Strowman came back into the ring to eliminate Lesnar at the orders of Bray Wyatt. This match at Roadblock looked to settle these two men’ s previous issues with each other. Instead, Bray informed everyone during his entrance that this would be a two-on-one handicap match with Luke Harper as his partner. However, the match really became a one-on-one match between Harper and Lesnar since Bray walked away from the ring and watched from the ramp. There was no physical contact between Wyatt and Lesnar.

This lead to speculation that a Lesnar vs. Wyatt match was being saved for post-WrestleMania 32. Although that may still be the case, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reported last night that Wyatt is currently working with a back injury. He continued by saying that the reason for there not being any contact between the two is because WWE officials made the decision that Wyatt should not be taking any more bumps at the moment due to his back being in bad shape.

Wyatt is currently not advertised to compete at WrestleMania 32 on April 3.

Mark’s reaction: As I was watching Roadblock, WWE had me thinking that they may end up doing Lesnar vs. Wyatt at WrestleMania after all. Since the two men had no contact with one another, and everything could still change if Ambrose won the title, it was a possibility. However, this explanation of Wyatt suffering from a back injury makes a lot of sense. I hope Wyatt is okay and recovers fine since he’s battled with numerous injuries in the past.

I know WWE likes to play up the idea that Wyatt is still a monster and the “new face of fear,” but he’s losing more steam with the fans every time he loses a major feud he’s involved in (which is often). They can’t just keep pretending like he isn’t always booked to lose in the end. Since this is the case, a lot of his promos now just come across as wordy nonsense since he doesn’t really back it up with a decisive victory. I’d like to see Bray turn face as a new change of pace for him. People throw their phone’s flashlight in the air every time he makes his entrance. They want to cheer for him. It’s time to do something different with his character and this could be it. He doesn’t need to high-five fans or anything, just be more of an Undertaker like babyface where he goes after the heels and calls them out on their crap.

It would be interesting to see if they do in fact go forward with a Lesnar/Wyatt program post-WrestleMania as I don’t know how strong of a selling point the Royal Rumble beef will still be by then. Creative would have to add more to their story to get people to care. Are you still interested in a Lesnar vs. Wyatt feud? Leave any of your thoughts in the comment section below.

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