Report: Becky Lynch Injured, Will Miss WWE Survivor Series This Sunday

This is the kind of news we hate reporting on and I wouldn’t even do it unless I trusted the source, but there is some bad news today concerning the health of Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Last night on Raw, Lynch led the Smackdown women on the show as an “invasion” to get people more excited about Survivor Series. The Smackdown women dominated the action with Lynch attacking her Survivor Series opponent Ronda Rousey with a DisArmHer armbar in the locker room. When Lynch was out in the arena, she beat up Rousey with repeated chair shots.

During the entire ordeal, Lynch took an errant elbow to the face that was believed to come from Nia Jax, which ended up bloodying Lynch’s nose and blood was all over Lynch’s face as well as her arms because of it.

One day later, the news on Lynch isn’t good. It’s being reported by Sean Ross Sapp of that Lynch suffered a broken nose and concussion during the battle on Raw. As a result of the injuries, Lynch is likely out of the much anticipated Rousey match at Survivor Series on Sunday. There’s still no official word from WWE yet, so maybe they are saving that until live Smackdown tonight in a little over four hours.

As for the source, I trust Sean Ross Sapp. We worked together at another site years ago and he’s a reliable guy that wouldn’t be posting this stuff unless he believed it to be true. He doesn’t want it to be true just like all of us because Lynch is absolutely killing it right now.

The timing sucks and I feel so bad for Becky. She is doing the best work of her career and is arguably as popular as anybody in the entire company. If she’s out for weeks or months maybe she’ll forfeit the title tonight, which could lead to WWE doing Rousey vs. Becky at WrestleMania in six months. I don’t know. It’s all speculation right now.

Here’s the shot to the face delivered by Nia Jax to Lynch. It looked like a straight punch or a forearm that bloodied up Lynch pretty badly.

On Smackdown tonight, Lynch gave up her spot at Survivor Series due to injury, but she is still the Smackdown Women’s Champion.