Reasons Behind Bray Wyatt’s Post-WrestleMania Absence Revealed

Bray Wyatt

A new report has aimed to provide an update on Bray Wyatt’s post-WrestleMania 37 absence from WWE.

Following his defeat to Randy Orton at the extravaganza, Wyatt appeared in a Firefly Funhouse segment alluding that it was time for a change. However, this appearance on the April 12th episode of RAW proved to be his last for the company.

In the months between this appearance and his release on July 31st, there was precious little information available about the star.

During this absence unsubstantiated rumours suggested that Wyatt’s absence was connected to his mental health. Although, the speculation was extinguished at the time, whispers have begun once more following the star’s release.

In response, a new report from Fightful has attempted to shed some light on the situation. The report notes that sources close to Wyatt confirm his absence wasn’t related to “falsely reported mental health issues.”

In addition Fightful report that during this period Wyatt was continuing to work on his character and had family engagements scheduled for May and June. The Fiend was slated to return to RAW on August 9th in Orlando.

Interestingly, just prior to the show beginning, Bray Wyatt Tweeted, “You can’t kill it.”

Bray Wyatt originally signed with WWE back in 2009, debuting on the main roster as Husky Harris the following year. However, it wasn’t until a stint in NXT in 2012 that Wyatt emerged as his most famous character.

After returning to the main roster Wyatt won the Universal Championship twice and the WWE Title alongside tag team gold.