Reason Why Mauro Ranallo Isn’t On WWE Smackdown This Week

A Tuesday night/Wednesday morning ritual for a lot of wrestling fans is to check out what happened at Smackdown. Whether you watch the show or only read the spoilers, most fans online go to their favorite website to click on the Smackdown spoilers. If you did that after Tuesday night’s tapings in Ontario, California then you may have noticed that reports stated that Michael Cole was calling the action with Jerry Lawler and Byron Saxton instead of Mauro Ranallo. So what happened?

There’s no better source than the man himself. Ranallo tweeted about it on Tuesday afternoon.

I’m glad that it’s only the flu and not some other reason. I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking that maybe management didn’t like his style because he actually calls moves properly instead of saying “ohhhh” when something good happens.

Ranallo has been a breath of fresh air on Smackdown since he stared on the first episode of the year. I review both Raw and Smackdown every week and I think Smackdown has been consistently better since the start of the year. Part of the reason is Ranallo’s styles because it’s different from Cole. I don’t think Cole is as bad as some of his haters think, but after all these years it’s refreshing to hear a different voice on the show.

Anyway, I’m glad Ranallo will be okay and hope to hear him on Smackdown next week.

My review of this week’s Smackdown will be posted on Friday or Saturday this week.