Randy Orton Talks Upcoming SummerSlam Match With Brock Lesnar, WWE’s “New Era” & More!

Randy Orton was recently a guest on WWE Hall of Famer Booker T’s “Heated Conversations” podcast. Orton talked about various different topics, including: his most recent time off, WWE’s “New Era” and his upcoming SummerSlam match with Brock Lesnar. Below are excerpts from this interview.

On his most recent time off with WWE due to recovering from shoulder surgery.

“I’ve been enjoying every minute of being at home. My wife is pregnant. We just moved into a bigger home to accommodate the entire family and everyone’s happy here, man. The kids are looking forward to seeing Dad get back in a WWE ring though, and when I found out that it was me and Lesnar for SummerSlam, that just put a smile on everybody’s face, including me.”

Orton’s thoughts when asked about WWE’s “New Era”, such as guys like AJ Styles and Kevin Owens.

“I’m proud of the fifteen years I’ve put in. As far as guys like Styles and Owens, I mean they’ve been doing this, we’re all around the same age. They started back in like the early 2000’s just like I did. They’ve been doing it a long time and you can tell through their work, especially Styles and Owens. For instance, they’ve been working fifteen years, have been all over the world and now we’re lucky enough to have them here with us (WWE). I think they’re both great talents and I look forward to working with Styles. I’ve been able to mix it up with Owens a bit and there’s chemistry there, but I would really love to see what it looks like plucking AJ Styles out of the air for an RKO.”

Orton on coming up in the business with Lesnar and how Lesnar’s UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt can create a lot of different avenues for their SummerSlam match. (Note: The interview was conducted before Lesnar’s UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt.)

“I’m looking forward to his (Lesnar’s) fight. I’m definitely going to tune in to see that because how that goes could really determine a lot of different avenues as far as how SummerSlam can end up going. One thing I think is cool is that I’m the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history and he’s the youngest WWE Champion. We both came up together. We were trained by Danny Davis, Rip Rogers and Jim Cornette at the original OVW in Jeffersonville, Indiana. When I got called up it was me and Brock riding with Mr. Perfect and Boss Man and what a cool car that was. A lot of knowledge and a lot of fun as you can imagine.”

Orton goes on to talk about how a lot of guys in WWE, Cena included, don’t know Lesnar as well as he does. Orton said that getting to ride with Lesnar from place to place really gave them the opportunity to get to know one another well and Orton says he considered himself pretty tight with Lesnar during that time.

Orton also said that he thinks his big advantage over Lesnar at SummerSlam is his WWE experience and his finishing move, the RKO. Orton said that he’s wrestled a lot more matches in the squared circle than Lesnar has and that his RKO has historically finished even the biggest of men (e.g. Big Show). Therefore, Orton feels he stands to have a realistic chance of defeating Lesnar at SummerSlam on August 21.

To listen to this episode of Booker T’s “Heated Conversations” in its entirety, you can click right here.

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