Randy Orton Dislocates Shoulder – Misses WWE Hell in a Cell

On last night’s Raw, the announce team of Michael Cole, JBL, and Byron Saxton mentioned how Randy Orton wasn’t present for the WWE’s live events in Mexico this past week. They stated how “sources” told them that Orton was taken out by the Wyatt Family yet again. This is the current story that’s being run with because Orton legitimately dislocated his shoulder and may need surgery, according to the Wrestling Observer. His shoulder has been bothering him for a while now but recently the pain has gotten a lot worse, leading to his dislocation occurring last week. If surgery is required, it could put him out of action for several months.

Orton was scheduled to take part in a tag team match this Sunday at WWE Hell in a Cell. He was supposed to be pairing up with Dean Ambrose to take on the team of Luke Harper and Braun Strowman. However, the match has now been completely removed from’s Hell in a Cell match listing.

Mark’s reaction:

With ratings reaching record lows and John Cena missing most events for the remainder of the year, I’m sure the last thing WWE wanted was for Randy Orton to get injured and possibly miss the remainder of the year as well. Hopefully Orton’s shoulder dislocation won’t require surgery and can be recovered without it.

As of now this leaves Dean Ambrose and the Wyatt Family without a match at Hell in a Cell. They may have Ambrose just go one on one with a member of the Wyatt Family instead or possibly just have him find a new partner. The possibility has now arisen that Ambrose can challenge for the United Sates Championship since John Cena will be having his U.S. Open Challenge at Hell in a Cell. It would help Ambrose look strong in going over the face of the company and Cena can take time off from an “injury” caused during the match. You don’t see the WWE do babyface vs. babyface too often anymore and I think it would be a nice change of pace.

Are you bummed out about Orton’s injury and not being able to see his and Ambrose’s tag match against the Wyatt Family this Sunday? What new plans would you like to see Ambrose and the Wyatt Family in once Hell in a Cell rolls around? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.