Possible Spoilers Regarding Cena/Rollins Outcome At WWE Night Of Champions

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter is detailing two interesting tidbits for the US Championship match which will take place next Sunday at Night of Champions.

The first piece is quite honestly very baffling, stating that Cena and Rollins will actually close the show over the hotly anticipated WWE Championship bout between Rollins and Sting. One of these is a dream match, while the other is something we have seen multiple times already. It’s like the titles don’t matter and that the real accolade is squaring off against Cena.

Anyway, it is also being reported that new US Championship merchandise has been branded for Cena and is ready to go, hinting that he will potentially be winning the gold back. I don’t see the point in hot-shotting the title back and forth, so I’m just assuming that somewhere Vince McMahon noticed that it’s NFL season and thinks that giving the company poster-child some gold will bump up those Raw ratings in the short-term future. Oh Vince, you crazy old senile bat.

Tell us what you make of these possible spoilers for Night of Champions in the comments section below.