Paul Heyman’s WWE Status; Contract Reportedly Expires

Paul Heyman’s contract with World Wrestling Entertainment has expired and both parties have yet to come to an agreement for a renewal. This is according to the latest edition of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Heyman’s contract expiring is the reason why his name was not mentioned alongside Brock Lesnar’s during the WWE Draft this past Tuesday. When The Miz and Rusev were drafted, their managers/valets (Maryse and Lana) were drafted with them. Even Bob Backlund was mentioned with Darren Young. When Lesnar was drafted to Raw, WWE did not mention that Heyman was going with him.

Mark’s reaction: If WWE plans on having Lesnar wrestle Randy Orton at SummerSlam, then I would imagine that they have every intention of working out a new contract for Paul Heyman. Lesnar needs a mouthpiece like Heyman right now, especially after Lesnar’s failed two UFC drug tests. One good promo from Heyman can help Lesnar look much better in the public eye; well, at least in the eye of WWE fans.

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