Past WWE Stars Claim Bubba Ray Dudley Was Dangerous In The Ring

Over the past few days, reports have surfaced online saying that Bubba Ray Dudley was dangerous in the ring, worked intentionally stiff to certain individuals, and had even caused injuries and concussions.

Former WWE Superstar Renee Dupree recently appeared on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast and had this to say about Bubba:

“I’ve had so many concussions from Bubba Ray Dudley it’s not even funny. You know Chris Nowinski had to retire because of Bubba Ray giving him concussions right? Devon, it’s universal everyone likes Devon because he’s a pro, but Bubba can be difficult to work with.”

A few days after Dupree’s comments, another former WWE Superstar, Rico Constantino spoke out on the Pancakes and Powerslams podcast about working with the Dudleys, Bubba in particular

“If you’re listening, Bubba, come here to Vegas and I’ll tell it to your frickin face. You are a spoiled brat. If you don’t get your way, you hurt people, and you do it on purpose.
He ripped my hamstring three times in Chicago. I told him I tore, and he kept going. He suplexed me, and tore it again. And when he pinned me, he threw my legs over my head, and put his legs on the second turnbuckle, and tore it again. Yes, Devon is OK. Bubba, is a brat. You’re a spoiled, little baby.”


Ski’s Take – Well there has always been talk and scuttlebutt for years about how stiff Bubba works in the ring, all the way back to his ECW days in the mid 90’s. Why now all of a sudden these allegations are being brought up is anybody’s guess. Is it because Devon and himself are back in the limelight of the big leagues with the WWE and they want their name out in the spotlight for a few more moments? Or is it because that maybe they had finally had enough and decided to spill the beans? Whatever the reasoning, I for one would like to hear what Bubba himself has to say, especially after the Nowinski comment, as that’s tantamount to slander.

Bubba, much like Sheamus and Brock Lesnar, likes to work his matches a bit stiff. It adds to the realism of the match, and I for one don’t mind that at all. Accidents do happen, and sometimes so do concussions. To come out and publicly bash Bubba like this, Dupree and Rico best hope they have the facts to back up their statements.