Paige Comments On WWE Return, Wellness Policy Violation; Photo With Alberto

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige will be returning to the ring soon. There were rumors that she had hired legal representation to get her out of her WWE deal, which apparently expires in 2019, but that’s not true.

She posted this tweet on Wednesday afternoon thanking fans for their support, she issued a comment on her return to the ring and what happened with that Wellness Policy Violation from the last month.

In other Paige news, a report on PWInsider noted that her suspension is over on September 17 and that she’ll be at next Monday’s Raw in Memphis, Tennessee.

As for boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, he’s gone from the company, but he is wrestling for the promotion run by Paige’s brother in England. They even posted a picture of them together on Facebook.

In other news about the couple, Paige is a regular on Total Divas and Del Rio will be on the show with her, but now that he’s left WWE it will be interesting to see how they show that on the show. Most of the show has been taped over the last few months, so when the next season begins it will take several months to get to this point in time.

TJR Thoughts: I’m glad she’s going to be back. She’s only 24 years old with a bright future in the wrestling business. While Alberto has left WWE for the second time in the last few years, he’s also 39 years old and is probably going to retire in a few years anyway. She’s not going to be in that same position because she has a lot of years ahead of her, so it’s important that she focuses on her career.

It’s going to be tough on her being in WWE without him because we saw with AJ Lee a few years ago how she lost her passion for the wrestling business after then boyfriend (now husband) CM Punk left WWE. It was a bitter divorce with WWE and CM Punk in part because of the lawsuit that WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann has against Punk for comments on a Colt Cabana podcast. My point is that when a WWE couple is together in WWE, then one of them leaves the company, it obviously puts a strain on a relationship.

I hope it works out for Paige. A lot of people have been talking about her and Alberto in the last month since they were suspended on the same day, which was followed by his departure. As soon as she’s back on Raw, she may be asked to put somebody over whether it’s Charlotte, Sasha Banks or Bayley and fans are going to wonder if she lost the match because WWE is “punishing” her or if it’s just to put over the other wrestler.

For Paige’s sake, I hope that WWE uses her the right way. They need more depth in their women’s division and her presence should help.