NXT Takeover Update, CJ Parker Released, WrestleMania 33 Location Rumor

There was an error in a WWE press release that was sent out on Monday. When talking about plans for WWE Network, WWE announced that there would be monthly NXT Takeover events. They have sent word today that it’s not true. They will stick to quarterly NXT Takeover events.

Last year the four events were in February, May, September and December. They have already aired the first Takeover in February of this year. While the May date hasn’t been announced yet, it’s expected to happen so that means the other two specials will be in September and December as well.

Doing monthly specials sounds like a great idea because there’s so much talent in NXT. However, if they don’t feel they are ready yet or if they feel like it would hurt the quality of the shows in terms of building them up then it’s smarter to stick to quarterly events. NXT shows are taped four episodes apart usually once per month. Rushing matches to accommodate monthly specials would make things difficult.


WWE Releases CJ Parker

It was announced on PWInsider on Tuesday that NXT wrestler CJ Parker has been released by WWE. According to the report, Parker requested the released and WWE granted it on amicable terms. He really wasn’t doing a whole lot in NXT and probably felt like he wasn’t going to get very far with his gimmick of a guy complaining about people hurting the environment. He was used as a NXT jobber by the end of his run, so it’s understandable why he wanted to move on.

Parker was in town for WrestleMania and worked matches at Axxess on Saturday and Sunday.

While his loss shouldn’t be considered a major one, it shows that there are likely frustrated employees all over WWE because sometimes it’s hard for talents to break through. Parker signed with WWE in 2011. He turns 26 years old on April 10.

Current NXT Champion tweeted a photo with Parker likely in support of his friend who he faced when Owens made his NXT debut last December.

Parker’s a talented guy that can talk and is pretty good in the ring. Perhaps getting away from WWE for a few years, getting to work in other places and getting more experience will be good for him. It wouldn’t be a surprise if WWE brings him back down the road since he’s still in his mid-20s.


WrestleMania 33 Might Take Place In Minneapolis

The early favorite for WrestleMania 33 is Minneapolis. They’re building a new stadium that has a roof on it that the NFL’s Vikings will be playing at. WrestleMania 33 will take place in 2017 and be ready for the 2016 NFL season. It was mentioned by Dave Meltzer on his radio show last night at

It’s a cold city, but should be fine in late March/early April. There’s a chance that there’s going to be snow and even if there is they have a roof to cover it. It should be able to hold anywhere from 65,000 to 75,000 although WWE usually lies about the number by adding more to it no matter what it really is. The stadium will cost over $1 billion by the time it’s complete.

There are other contenders in the east like Boston and Philadelphia (they don’t have roof on their building so it would be like WM29 in the east), but Minnesota is the favorite. If Boston or Philly got it then there’s a risk of it being cold and possibly rain or snow. It’s the same risk that was there for WrestleMania 29 in New Jersey. That one turned out fine.

Next year in Dallas area for WrestleMania 32 will be big. I plan to be at that one.


And Finally…

Kayfabe News is an awesome wrestling parody news site. It’s run by a friend of mine. Sometimes I send him ideas for his stories. Some are good. Some are not. I sent him an idea based on what happened on Raw and he kindly included my name in the piece. It’s all about Brock Lesnar facing Michael Cole at WrestleMania 32! Click here or the image above to read it.

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