NXT Star Causes Controversy About WWE/EVOLVE Breakout Article?

WWE NXT Superstar Bull Dempsey is currently getting some praise from fans on social media after replying to WWE’s link to their article on 5 EVOLVE stars who could be the next NXT breakout star. Instead of giving his thoughts on who would make it in the WWE from EVOLVE, Bull puts forward some names that are actually in NXT at this present time.

Dempsey tagged EVOLVE co-founder Gabe Sapolsky as well as the official WWE NXT account in his reply, which is pictured below. Tyson Kidd replied to Bull’s tweet by saying “hell of a tweet”.

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Ski’s Take – Well done Bull! Great seeing someone from within the organization actually looking at the talent there in the Performance Center rather than further afield, which this WWE/EVOLVE article has done. Many, many people have had their say about this article (including myself as I’m a huge fan of Zack Sabre Jr, but that’s for another time), but not many have actually talked about the talent there in NXT, touring every week but not seen on TV. They may see things like that article and wonder if they’ll ever be showcased on NXT TV if the WWE machine is looking at bringing others in.

And also good work there from Tyson Kidd, validating Dempsey’s tweet. Tyson was in NXT for a while and probably saw for himself about the untapped potential of the guys and girls in the back.

Was Bull right to stand up for his fellow wrestlers in NXT? Who do you see coming into NXT, or stepping out of the shadows and making the step up to NXT TV? Say so in the comments box folks!