NWA 73 Pay-Per-View Results

The National Wrestling Alliance had a pay-per-view event tonight called NWA 73 for the company’s 73rd-anniversary show. It took place at Chase’s Khorassan Ballroom in St. Louis, Missouri just like the NWA Women’s Empowerrr pay-per-view on Saturday night. I watched it on Fite TV. I will share the results of the show below.

Here’s the opening video narrated by the great actor John Goodman. It’s really well done.

The commentary team was Joe Galli, Conrad Thompson and Velvet Sky for the first two matches. Tim Storm replaced Conrad for the rest of the show.

1. Brawl in the Lou (Street Fight Rules): Tim Storm defeated Crimson and Thom Latimer when he pinned Crimson. Crimson was attacked by Jax Dane before the match, but Crimson returned to take part in the match.

2. Mickie James defeated Kylie Rae.

After the match, Impact Wrestling’s Knockout Champion Deonna Purrazza attacked Mickie with a brutal attack.

3. Tyrus, Xion, and Jordan Clearwater (with Austin Idol) defeated Da Pope and The End (Odinson and Parrow)

4. Chris Adonis defeated James Storm to retain the NWA National Championship.

Ric Flair did a lengthy promo covering a lot of topics. He mentioned other wrestling companies, the owners of those companies, he mentioned other wrestlers and so on. It was classic Ric Flair at his best, but it was also a very long promo.

5. Judais won a battle royal to become the number one contender to the NWA National Championship. JTG was the last man eliminated. There were 12 wrestlers in the match.

6. Kamille defeated Chelsea Green to retain the NWA Women’s Championship.

7. “La Rebelion” Bestia 666 and Mecha Wolf defeated Aaron Stevens and Kratos to win the NWA Tag Team Championships.

8. Trevor Murdoch defeated Nick Aldis to win the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship. Aldis was the champion for 1044 days. Murdoch won with a piledriver followed by a bulldog off the top rope.

Trevor was joined by his family and Ric Flair also did a brief speech congratulating Trevor on the win. Trevor was also interviewed after the match.

This event had a runtime of 3 hours, 27 minutes on FITE TV pay-per-view.


TJR Thoughts: I only watched three matches live – the first two matches and the main event. I had some other things I needed to and sometimes I need a wrestling break, so I’ll just comment on those three matches.

The opener was a wild brawl with some big spots, guys were going through objects and Tim Storm was impressive coming back to win even in his mid-50s. It was good to see Mickie James back in action since it was her first singles match since September 2020. It was a babyface match against Kylie Rae. They worked well together. A clean win for Mickie was the right call. Deonna Purrazzo attacking Mickie will probably lead to a match between them at Impact’s Bound for Glory PPV in October. That makes sense to me anyway.

The main event was really fun. They got a lot of time, did a lot of tricks in the match with the referee bumping and then so many nearfalls for Aldis, but Murdoch kept kicking out. Aldis even did the classic heel thing by taunting Murdoch’s family, which made us want to see Murdoch win even more. After kicking out of several moves, Murdoch hit a piledriver followed by a bulldog off the middle rope for the pinfall win. It was the right call to put the title on Murdoch as NWA continues to grow. I’m happy for Trevor putting on a fun match like that. Nick did a great job too.

I’m happy the NWA had two successful PPV shows on back-to-back nights. I hope this earned them some new fans and gives them some momentum moving forward.