News: WWE’s Plans for Becky Lynch at Money in the Bank PPV, Women’s MITB Winner, More

The news of Becky Lynch being pregnant was a happy surprise for the wrestling world this past Monday, but apparently WWE officials were aware of the news last month. In an interview with People following the pregnancy announcement, Becky let them know she found out she was pregnant in April. Lynch said in the same interview that she was with Rollins when she found out and they were both very happy about it. The couple planned on getting married this month, but that has been delayed due to the coronavirus that the world is dealing with right now.

In this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (available via subscription), Dave Meltzer reports that the last match Lynch had was the WrestleMania 36 match with Shayna Baszler that was taped on either March 25 or March 26 and it aired on April 4th. The baby is due at some point in December, so Lynch wrestled while pregnant although she didn’t know and there are likely other women in wrestling history that have done the same.

It was also reported by Meltzer that the original plan for Lynch to defend the Raw Women’s Title against Nia Jax at the Money in the Bank pay-per-view this past Sunday. Instead, Jax was put in the Women’s Money in the Bank match. Shayna Baszler was originally supposed to be the winner of the Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match, but then WWE changed it to Asuka. That’s because the Men’s and Women’s Money in the Bank matches were taped at WWE Headquarters on April 15 and it’s assumed that Lynch had informed WWE about the pregnancy by that point.

As we saw on this past Monday’s Raw, WWE decided to put the Raw Women’s Title on Asuka as the Money in the Bank winner. It’s likely, but not confirmed, that Asuka will be a babyface champion with heels like Jax and Baszler chasing her for the title.

Last night on social media, Seth Rollins (who is the father of Becky’s baby and her fiance) shared this message in support of Becky and their baby.

Following Lynch’s announcement that aired on Raw, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon tweeted his support for the former Raw Women’s Champion.

TJR Thoughts: First of all, congrats to Becky and Seth on the baby. I’m very happy for them. Whether it’s a boy or a girl or even more than one baby, I hope it’s a healthy child.

The choice of Asuka as the Raw Women’s Champion is a good call because she’s an established veteran women’s wrestler and the moment she had with Lynch on Raw was great. It makes sense to turn Asuka face while Baszler and Jax go after her for the title. Baszler was my pick to win Money in the Bank, so even though it didn’t happen on screen, at least that was apparently a plan at one point.

It’s going to be weird not writing about Becky Lynch as a performer on WWE TV for the rest of the year and we don’t know when she’ll be back or in what capacity. I’m genuinely happy for her, though. She has said she really wants to be a mother, so I’m glad she gets to live her dream that way just like she has lived her wrestling dreams.