News: WWE 2K20 Video Game Reportedly Has Multiple Issues

WWE’s new video game WWE2K20 was officially released today, and the early reports of the game have not been positive. The hashtag #FixWWE2K20 is presently trending on Twitter, with a large number of reports of the game having serious glitches.

There have been several reports of people receiving full refunds on Twitter for the game from PlayStation due to the issues.

There were also several reported issues of the Ultimate Edition of the game not including the advertised autographs that was supposed to come with that more expensive version. WWE Hall of Famer Edge addressed this problem on Twitter, promising to make it right.

Matt’s Musings: This clearly is not the response that WWE was hoping to receive from their marquee video game. Hopefully they will make right all the issues that fans seem to be having, and not lose a large number of sales for their video games in the future.