News: Peacock Has Removed Segment From WWE Survivor Series 2005 and WrestleMania 6 Match

The WWE Network has moved to Peacock streaming service in the United States and with the move, there have been some changes to some WWE shows.

There’s a controversial backstage scene during Survivor Series 2005 where Vince McMahon used a controversial phrase when addressing John Cena. Here’s what I wrote about that segment in my Survivor Series 2005 review.

Eric Bischoff was shown warming up backstage for his match against Teddy Long. Vince McMahon showed up to wish him luck. Bischoff said he’s going to beat Teddy Long, Raw is going to decimate Smackdown and he’s going to make history. Bischoff says he’s going to screw John Cena in the WWE Title match leading to “you screwed Cena.” It led to Cena showing up with the WWE Title and said he hopes it works out for him. Bischoff left. Vince asked Cena “what’s good in the hood?” as they shook hands. Vince said a line that people always remember: “Keep it up, my ni**a.” It’s still on the broadcast unedited. Booker and Sharmell showed up as Vince walked by with Booker delivering his line: “Tell me he didn’t just say that.” Scene over.

That scene is no longer there in the Peacock version of WWE Network, according to PWInsider. It’s easy to see why it was removed because it was a stupid line for Vince to say even in a joking manner. A lot of people were offended by it, with good reason.

TJR Thoughts: I am not surprised by this at all. I remember when it happened on Survivor Series 2005 and wondered: “How could they put this on the show?” Even if Vince wanted to act like a fool for a laugh, don’t say a term like that and put it on a broadcast. It’s wrong. You should know better. Say something else for a laugh. It’s not that tough to avoid doing something this stupid.


WrestleMania 6 Match and Interview Removed from Peacock

It was also reported by PWInsider that the WrestleMania 6 match between Bad News Brown and Roddy Piper has been removed from the Peacock version of that show. There was also a Piper pre-match interview that was removed. The reason it was removed is that Roddy Piper painted his face and body with black paint with Bad News Brown. Apparently, WrestleMania 6 wasn’t up on Peacock right away with the other WrestleManias and part of the reason is because they had to edit this out.

Here’s my review of that match from my WrestleMania 6 review:

Roddy Piper vs. Bad News Brown
This is Piper’s first WrestleMania match since WrestleMania 3 when he lost a retirement match. Piper’s whole body is painted black on the right because he was doing a psych job apparently. They brawl from the beginning. That’s the style of work that each guy was good at it. Brown continued to work him over with punches. Gorilla just busted out the term “breadbasket” for the stomach, which is a Gorilla-ism that I loved. Brown hit a bodyslam followed by an elbow. I think that slam was the first real move of the match. Piper went on offense after an eye poke, but Brown came back with an eye rake of his own and then he exposed the turnbuckle. Piper reversed a whip and Brown went crashing into the turnbuckle, taking the bump sternum first. Was that supposed to be headfirst and he just chose not to risk it? You decide. Piper went into his tights, pulled out a white glove (on his black hand) and nailed Brown with the right hand many times. Brown got knocked out to the floor, then he pulled Piper out to the floor and Piper avoided a punch on the floor. Piper missed with a chairshot. They continued to brawl as the match ended in a double countout at 6:48.
No winner due to countout

Analysis: * Not much of a match. It was more of an angle to set up future matches. If this match took place ten years later it would have been a hardcore match.

Once again, it’s easy to see why this would be removed from Peacock.

TJR Thoughts: The match sucked anyway, so you’re not missing much if you’ve never seen it.