News On WWE Plans For Divas Title At Fastlane And WrestleMania

The current WWE Divas Champion Charlotte lost a non-title match to Brie Bella on Monday’s edition of Raw. The reason they did that finish is because it’s likely going to lead to a Charlotte vs. Brie match at Fastlane on February 21.

After that, Charlotte will likely defend the Divas Title against Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at WrestleMania.

It’s possible that WWE does something where Banks and Lynch face off at Fastlane as well, but they could set it up on television as well.

The Banks face turn was furthered on Raw when she split from Naomi and Tamina, which led to Lynch fighting with Banks against the heels.

As is always the case in WWE, plans could change at any time. Nothing is locked in unless it’s officially announced. Thanks to PWInsider for the info. (h/t WrestlingInc)

TJR Thoughts: I like that idea a lot. While I’m generally not a fan of triple threat matches over singles matches, with these three women there’s reason to be optimistic. They have awesome chemistry together since they worked so well in NXT for the last few years. I remember the four way they had with Bayley about a year ago that was awesome, so I would imagine they could pull it off again. I just hope they are given time to have a great match because historically speaking the women’s matches have been rushed at WrestleMania. If they really want this “Divas Revolution” to mean something they have to give these talented women the chance to have a 12-15 minute classic match instead of rushing through in seven minutes.

As for Charlotte vs. Brie, it’s fine as something for Charlotte to do before going back to feuding with Becky and moving on to Banks.

The other women on the main roster may be left off the WrestleMania card unless WWE puts them in a tag or battle royal type match on the pre-show. I just don’t see them going with two women’s matches at WM this year.

In terms of a prediction for that possible match at WrestleMania, I think Banks will leave with the Women’s Title. While Lynch would make for a good story since she hasn’t held a title in WWE yet, I think Banks winning it would be a bigger deal. Banks is the one with the brightest future of them all.

One last thing about that title: Calling it the Women’s Title again would be a great idea. Make it happen.