News On Poll About Bringing Back Old Championships

The WWE frequently runs polls on as a fun way to get viewers of the site involved. What polls their viewers on, range from a wide variety of topics. As of late, the polls have seemed to be a slight indicator of what’s to come in the near future.

Back in May, there was a poll up asking fans which tag team should return to the WWE this year. The teams whose names were listed, were all viable free-agents at the time that could be brought back. The Dudley Boyz were one of the teams listed on that poll. Just a few months after the poll was posted we saw the Dudley Boyz make their return to the WWE for the first time in 11 years. Not to say that anything does a poll on is a guarantee for the future, but they may use the polls as a way too survey the fans on what they most want to see make a return to WWE programming.

The most recent poll from is asking which retired championship should be brought back. The options are:

  1. Cruiserweight Championship
  2. Hardcore Championship
  3. European Championship
  4. Light Heavyweight Championship
  5. Women’s Championship

With over 150,000 votes cast, the Hardcore Championship is currently leading with 46% of the vote. The Women’s and Cruiserweight Championship are the runners up with the Women’s Championship getting 21% of the vote and the Cruiserweight Championship getting 18% of the vote.

Mark’s reaction:

These polls interest me sometimes. Some of these polls make me feel like they are trying to get a gauge from their audience on a decision they’re thinking about making soon. Discussion on the number of championships and what should be brought back and eliminated, is a topic that a lot of fans have been talking about for a while.

The Diva’s Championship is something that definitely needs to go. If the WWE is trying to take its women’s wrestling more seriously, they can’t be called diva’s anymore or have the champion of their division carry around a purple butterfly belt. The Women’s Championship has to make a comeback.

The thought of bringing back the Hardcore, Cruiserweight, or Light-Heavyweight Championships all intrigue me due to these titles targeting a specific type or style of wrestling. The Intercontinental and United States Championships both seem to serve the same role as being stepping stones for achieving bigger and better things. If they plan on merging these two belts, then bringing back a belt like the hardcore, cruiserweight, or light-heavyweight title would make sense. It could be a way to not only get more wrestlers involved, but an opportunity to give each championship a different kind of feel.

The European Championship is the only belt that’s return doesn’t really interest me, as I feel like it would fit in the same category that the IC and US titles are already in.

Which old school championship would you like to see brought out of retirement? Should the US and IC titles merge? Do you like the Divas Championship or are you all for replacing it with the Women’s Championship? Let us know in the comments below.