News On Alberto Del Rio’s Deal To Return To WWE

If you are still unaware, last night at WWE Hell In A Cell, Alberto Del Rio made a surprise return to the company and defeated John Cena clean in under 10 minutes for the US Championship.

Outside of Del Rio’s vocal remarks lambasting the company as racist, one of the reasons his appearance was so much of a shock is that he is currently the AAA Mega Champion, and still has dates left until November. Apparently, both parties involved have come to an agreement as Alberto Del Rio will finish up those obligations alongside competing for WWE.

“And now @ VivaDelRio is champion @ WWE and @ luchalibreaaa . More news soon!”

It should also be noted that according to F4Wonline, Del Rio’s new WWE contract is reported to be a great deal and one that will see him wrestling a limited amount of dates, but nothing as scarce as someone like Brock Lesnar or The Undertaker. If anything, I’m personally betting he works most, if not all live TV shows and has house shows off.

A report from PWInsider notes he had discussions about coming back to WWE for several weeks, but it was kept quiet. Apparently, AAA only found out about it when the show was about to start. It was WWE’s way of keeping it quiet.

Del Rio is known to dislike the intensive traveling that comes with working for WWE as it limits his family time, but due to his creative differences with Lucha Underground (his main source of income after leaving WWE) he needed something to fall back on to continue supporting them. It is still unclear who contacted who first, but it is clear that an agreement was made to give Del Rio a special schedule worth a good amount of money that will also allow him time to spend with his loved ones.

Del Rio posted a few messages on Instagram and Twitter noting that he was back where he belongs.

WWE is advertising a special announcement from Del Rio tonight on Raw, where I’m assuming he will give the typical promo about being back home where he belongs. Good on him; he’s a great performer and I’m very interested in him being paired with Zeb Coulter. What I’m not looking forward to is hearing JBL yell “THAT’S THE KICK HE BEAT CENA WITH IN THE US TITLE OPEN CHALLENGE MAGGLE” seven times a match every episode.