News: Mickie James Reveals WWE Sent Garbage Bag Following Her Release, Triple H Says WWE Has Fired Employee Who Sent It

There was a bit of a controversy on social media tonight because of a garbage bag.

Mickie James, who is a six-time WWE Women’s Champion and a future Hall of Famer, was released by WWE last Thursday when the company decided to release several people. It was Mickie’s second run with WWE after coming back in early 2017. Earlier today, Mickie shared a photo WWE sent with her stuff in a box and a garbage bag with her name on it.

Here’s the Instagram post that Mickie did and if you hit play, you can hear her utter a curse word to let you know how she felt about it.

Maria Kanellis-Bennett noted that she received the same thing last year too.

As you might expect, wrestling fans on social media were very angry about this and Mickie’s name has been trending on social media for several hours because of it.

This evening, WWE’s Paul Levesque (Triple H) and John Laurinaitis tweeted the same statement saying that the person responsible for sending those items in a garbage bag has been fired.

Another former WWE superstar, Gail Kim, commented on it.

TJR Thoughts: I have known Mickie for over a decade and I help to run her website along with her Facebook page. She has been a good friend for a long time. I’m sure she’s pissed off about this and she should be. If you combine her two runs in WWE, it totals about a decade of her life busting her ass to be a part of that company and they shouldn’t be sending her items in a garbage bag. Something more professional would have been nice to see. I don’t blame her for putting WWE on blast for this. She should be mad about it and while I’m sure WWE will apologize for it, they should also realize how wrong they were to do it in the first place.


UPDATE: In a follow up to this story, WWE has fired one of their key Talent Relations people Mark Carrano as a result of the garbage bag story and there are other changes going on too. We have a news story up here. Thanks for reading.