News: Hulk Hogan Denied Contact With WWE Talent

In this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter it is being reported that all WWE talents and affiliates are not allowed to speak with Hulk Hogan due to the racism controversy.

Hogan has been going on a media tour to apologize for his moment of hatred during a dark period of his life, but it seems WWE doesn’t care or at least isn’t recognizing his attempts at atonement. To be fair, it would help if Hogan could keep his story straight, not telling one outlet he otherwise never uses the N-word, only to tell another media source that people using the word was common when he was growing up.

I mentioned in a news post last week that I am less harsh on Hulk Hogan than others, but denying him contact with friends of the industry is absurd and further proof of how silly WWE can get when trying to protect their reputation. Yes, I understand the USA Network pressured WWE to terminate his contract, and that’s fine, but I really doubt USA had a hand in this too. This is just WWE being dumb.

Nevertheless, Hogan has an upcoming one-night appearance in the UK with former WWE talents Lanny Poffo, Jimmy Hart, Outback Jack, Bushwacker Luke and Fred Ottman (Tugboat).

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