News: Details On The Future Of Lucha Underground

If you’re able to catch Lucha Underground weekly, you’re probably of the mindset that it’s one of, if not the best hour of pro wrestling on television now. The show, which is Wednesday nights on the El Rey Network, is nearing the finish line of their initial 39 episode first season.

According to this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer (available at for subscribers), plans for a second season are underway, after season one wraps up this summer.

“Taping of the first season of Lucha Underground came to a close this past weekend with the taping of the season finale–Ultima Lucha, on 4/18 and 4/19 at the home base in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. Ultima Lucha itself will air in two parts, the first hour, taped on 4/18, will air first on 7/29. The rest of Ultima Lucha, taped on 4/19, will be a two-hour special which will conclude many of the angles, and leave some cliffhangers for season two, will air on 8/5. At the final show, fans, backstage workers and all the talent were told not to worry, and that there would be a second season.”

Although the show created a bit of a cult following & receives rave reviews from anyone that watches it, obviously a show with the costs such as Lucha, on a start up network, isn’t without its issues that need to be addressed before season two begins.

“[Lucha Underground] are in talks with Univision, which could be a game changer if such a deal is completed. The mentality internally is that the product is great, but they need the financing and more exposure. According to those close to the situation, the company had spent approximately $15.6 million just on production of the show this season, and that’s not including other start-up costs. The hope was to have licensing deals and a major North American sponsorship deal in place for the second season. Miller Lite did debut as a sponsor for the Ultima Lucha show. It’s been said that if the show returns, they are likely going to have to cut back on production.”

With all that said, it looks good for a second season of the show. There are conflicting reports as to whether the show will be on hiatus for a “few months” or for a standard 13 weeks, much like a regular television series. With a loaded roster, amazing matches, & easy to follow storylines, Lucha looks to be a show ready to break out in 2015 if it’s able to receive the funding and backing necessary to move forward.

K-Tank’s Take: I know El Rey isn’t available in many homes, but if you have the means to watch it or can find it online (DailyMotion is a great source for the show), you absolutely should go out of your way to watch Lucha Underground. Of course we also have a weekly report of the show right here on TJRWrestling.

There’s a match called Aztec Warfare, where they crowned their first champion, that has to be seen to be believed. This week’s episode crowned a Trios Champion in a match that was simply incredible, and had a spot by a wrestler named Angelico that was one of the most amazing spots I’ve ever seen in 26 years of watching wrestling.

I cannot hype this show enough & am encouraged by the news of the potential future of the show. There are many familiar faces on the show, such as Johnny Mundo (f/k/a John Morrison) and Alberto El Patron. It’s also strongly believed that Rey Mysterio is headed there if he hasn’t already signed a contract.

Do you watch Lucha Underground every week? If so, what’s been your favorite part so far & what do you hope to see moving forward? Let us know in the comments!