News: AEW on TNT TV Show Will Be Called “Dynamite” and New Road to AEW on TV Video

The debut of All Elite Wrestling on TNT will take place in two weeks on October 2 and the long-rumored name of the show is public now. There are several cable guides in the US that are listing the AEW TNT show with the name of…wait for it…wait for it…

All Elite Wrestling: Dynamite.

I know I put it in the title of the post, but there it is again. The rumored name for months was Dynamite in some form because AEW trademarked terms like Tuesday Night Dynamite and Wednesday Night Dynamite long before they settled on Wednesday as the day of the week for their debut show.

This was posted on Reddit earlier today with a user showing the AEW Dynamite night on their cable guide.

That graphic also shows there will be a two hour special on TNT on Tuesday, October 1 from 8-10pmET that be a Countdown to AEW Dynamite, so it will be a preview of AEW.

Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks, who is one of the Executive Vice Presidents of AEW, tweeted this dynamite GIF.

I assume we’ll get to see the official AEW Dynamite logo very soon, perhaps even this week.

Here is this week’s Road to AEW on TNT video from the AEW Youtube channel.