New ‘Table for 3’ Tonight Following WWE Raw; AJ Styles, Shawn Michaels & Kevin Nash Featured

A new episode of the WWE Network exclusive series, Table for 3, will be airing tonight immediately following Monday Night Raw. It is being advertised as the Season 3 premiere.

Table for 3 features three current and/or former WWE Superstars having a discussion in a dinner-type setting. Tonight’s new episode will feature Smackdown Superstar AJ Styles as well as WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash.

WWE’s YouTube channel posted two videos previewing tonight’s new episode. The first is a short trailer which generally covers some of the topics talked about during the episode. The second video is a clip close to two minutes long that show Styles and Michaels talking about their rumored dream match. You can watch both videos below.

Trailer for tonight’s Season 3 premiere of Table for 3:

Styles and Michaels talking about their rumored dream match:

Picture used above is courtesy of WWE.