New ESPN-Style WWE Network Show Airing Tonight After Raw

The WWE Network will be airing a brand new show after tonight’s edition of Raw. The show is titled ‘Bring it to the Table’ and will be hosted by Peter Rosenberg. Rosenberg hosts ESPN’s Cheap Heat podcast and was a guest member for TLC’s Kickoff Show this past December.

Bring it to the Table will have a similar feel to ESPN shows such as Pardon the Interruption and First Take, which is more of a debate. In addition to the show being hosted by Rosenberg, it will feature Paul Heyman and John Bradshaw Layfield discussing WWE topics.

A new episode of Ride Along was supposed to air on the WWE Network after tonight’s Raw, but it was delayed so that Bring it to the Table could debut. Bring it to the Table is pre-taped, so Heyman talking about what Goldberg did or said in his return on tonight’s Raw, will not happen.

Here’s a tweet about Bring it to the Table from Rosenberg.