Natalya Comments on WWE Smackdown Women’s Division, Money in the Bank, Table Bumps & More

Natalya will be one fifth of the first ever women’s Money in the Bank contract Ladder Match this Sunday at Money in the Bank in St. Louis. The third generation superstar did an interview with talking about the ladder match, having pride in Smackdown’s women’s division and more.

Natalya on the first ever women’s Money in the Bank match:

“The Money in the Bank ladder match is going to be insane, because it is a first for us. But we’re not just girls going in there and fighting with each other. We’re superstars in the WWE. Our company is treating us just like they’re treating the guys.”

Natalya on what it means to make sure Smackdown Live’s women are the best in WWE:

“I am very, very loyal and maybe I’m a little territorial, in making sure that SmackDown Live has the best women’s division in the WWE. I feel like this division, from the very beginning when we went to the brand split and we got our own championship, I feel like we were like the little engine that could. We were the underdogs and everybody rallies for the underdog.”

“I have nothing against the Raw women’s division. I’m proud of them, too. I mean, Charlotte and Sasha Banks made history in the first ever Hell in a Cell match. We all sat there on the edge of our seats. But what I love about SmackDown Live is that every single girl means something. It doesn’t feel, when you watch a match, like, ‘Oh, we definitely know she’s going to win.’ There’s this level of unpredictability, and I think that in the Money in the Bank match, you’re going to see that level of unpredictability.”

Natalya on feeling unbreakable after going through a table on Smackdown a few weeks ago:

“All of us are relentless. I mean, I went through a table. It’s funny. When I got backstage, Mike Chioda, the referee that was out there with us, he asked, ‘Nattie, are you okay?’ And I’ll tell you, my fingers were numb, I have a humongous bruise on the side of my left arm, I have a bruise on my back. My wrestling gear was cut up and ripped open in the back. I looked at Mike Chioda, who’s been a veteran of our business for, I think, close to 30 years, and I said, ‘You know what, Mike? I’m unbreakable. You can’t break me.’ And that’s the attitude that we all have going into this Money in the Bank ladder match, is that we’re making history. We’re also proving that we can hang with the guys. We might even exceed what the guys are doing in their ladder match.”

There’s more of this interview on including Natalya’s breakdown of the four other women in the Money in the Bank ladder match.