Mustafa Ali Claims He Is “The Most Underutilised Talent In WWE History”

Mustafa Ali makes his way to the ring

WWE Superstar Mustafa Ali believes that “pound for pound”, he is the most underutilised wrestler in the company’s history.

Mustafa Ali joined WWE back in 2016 when he was an entrant in the Cruiserweight Classic tournament, only to be eliminated by Lince Dorado in the first round. From there, he became a member of the 205 Live roster and remained there for several years but was unable to capture the Cruiserweight Championship.

In 2018, he moved to SmackDown and was set to enter an Elimination Chamber match for the WWE Championship only three months after getting to the main roster. However, an injury derailed his momentum and Kofi Kingston took his place in the match.

This was the beginning of a huge push for Kingston which end with him winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 35.

Mustafa Ali had another close call at that year’s Money In The Bank. The original plan for the show had him winning the briefcase, but unfortunately for the high-flying star, this was changed at the last minute and the decision was made to make Brock Lesnar Mr. Money In The Bank instead.

Ali disappeared from WWE TV by the end of 2019, and wouldn’t be seen again until the following July. During this time, videos started airing on SmackDown showing a hacker who was trying to send a message to the WWE Universe. It was eventually revealed that the mystery figure was Ali himself.

In an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Mustafa Ali said he thought the character had legs, and hinted we might see it again.

“Yeah, the message carrier, the hacker, I thought it was something that had some legs. Obviously, with where we work and the industry itself, things are constantly changing. But who knows? Maybe, the hacker will return one day.”

Ali then explained that he believes he is the “most unheard voice” in WWE history, and that nobody in the company has ever been as underutilized as him.

“I think I’m the most unheard voice in the history of WWE. With zero hesitation in my voice, with no flinch whatsoever, I will say pound for pound, I am the most underutilised talent in this company’s history. Does that put it into perspective for you?”

Following the hacker storyline, Ali was revealed to be the leader of Retribution, a stable of like-minded wrestlers who also felt they weren’t utilised to their full potential by WWE. The group was formed in August 2020 and disbanded in October 2021.

Mustafa Ali is set for action at WWE Crown Jewel on October 21st, where he will take on host country Saudi Arabia’s own Mansoor.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.