Mickie James Comments on Confusing Finish to WWE Raw Women’s Title Match, Praise for Asuka, More

The ending of the Raw Women’s Championship match this past Monday on Raw left a lot of us confused. That includes the wrestlers in the match because when the bell rang at a time where it didn’t look like the planned finish, challenger Mickie James looked up at referee Darrick Moore with an expression as if to say: “Huh?” The Raw Women’s Champion Asuka also looked confused by it.

The story goes that the referee, or somebody that may have instructed him in the backstage area, thought that Mickie was hurt during the match, so he called it off right there. There were some well-known wrestlers and friends of James like Lance Storm and Mick Foley on Twitter that thought maybe Mickie injured her shoulder. Nope. There was no injury. It was just an error. It’s live TV and things happen like that sometimes. I covered it in a lot of detail in my WWE Raw review here.

It is now a few days later and a friend of the site, Alex McCarthy of TalkSport, had a chance to six-time WWE Women’s Champion Mickie James about it. Here are some comments from Mickie regarding the match.

So what happened to end that match with Asuka with James trying to fight out of an Asuka Lock when suddenly it ended?

“I honestly don’t know. I rolled back to count – one, two – there was no count. So she obviously went to go and lock back in the Asuka lock and I think in those moments, here’s the thing: it is a dangerous sport.”

“We have to be very careful. The refs do their job and kind of their job is to protect us and make sure it never goes too far or no one ever gets hurt. So he made his decision based on what he thought was a reality, that I was hurt or I couldn’t continue and that’s unfortunate for me. I felt like I could continue and it’s an unfortunate loss. But, it’s not a real loss let’s face it. It was the final decision, what can I do? Except go in there and throw a fit on Monday!”

Mickie went on to explain that it is part of the referee’s job to protect the talent and she understands that.

“In that moment it’s very hard for them to tell whether you are hurt or not. It can’t just be his call either. It must have been whoever thought I was hurt. They’re just trying to protect me and keep me safe because concussions are a real thing. What we do as a sport is very dangerous. So if somebody gets a concussion, not only can they not wrestle the rest of that match, but they could possibly never wrestle again depending on how bad it is, same with football.”

“So we have to be careful with that and I get it. It was unfortunate for me and stinky, but I’m fine. My nose hurts a little bit from that knee lift, I’ll be honest [laughs].”

Mickie was also asked about some of the other women in WWE that she would like to face. I won’t post them all, but here are two of the women she mentioned.

“I’ve never been in the ring with Charlotte and never faced her. I would love to lock horns with her.”

“Naomi! I think she is just so explosive, exciting and fun to watch. Her entrance is amazing and she’s incredibly talented and gifted – I would love to work with her. I just love doing different style matches.”

While Mickie was a guest on WWE’s The Bump on Wednesday, she had a lot of praise for Raw Women’s Champion Asuka as a performer:

“I rate Asuka up there with the best, and I’ve always said that. She will go down in WWE history as one of the greatest female competitors of all time. It’s not just because of her in-ring ability. It’s her mystique character and the way she presents herself. Asuka is everything that she says she is. I find her to be very empowering and very timeless. She’s definitely up there with the rest of them.”

Here’s hoping they get another chance to have a Raw Women’s Championship, this time with a proper finish and no mistakes by anybody involved.

Below is a clip of Mickie on The Bump talking about what happened on Raw.

TJR Thoughts: Everything she said there is what she told me after the match. She really doesn’t blame anybody for what happened. It was just a mistake by the referee or whoever was backstage making the call to tell the referee. My hope is that they can make an angle out of it where Mickie demands another shot at Asuka with another referee in there or maybe it leads to Mickie becoming a heel that complains about being screwed out of her title shot. I don’t know what they’re going to do, but if WWE is smart (and that’s questionable at times) then they’ll build off of this somehow.

Watch the end of the match here.