Mick Foley Offers Ideas On How WWE Can Improve Current Problems

Mick Foley garnered a lot of attention this week for some honest comments about how, in his opinion: “WWE, We’ve Got a Problem.” Foley posted that video on his Facebook page talking about how WWE had to fix some things.

The WWE Hall of Famer Foley posted the video after former WWE stars Bryan Danielson (who was Daniel Bryan in WWE), Adam Cole and Ruby Soho (formerly Ruby Riott) all debuted at AEW All Out this past Sunday. In addition to that, former WWE Champion CM Punk had his first match in seven years, but it wasn’t in a WWE ring…it was in AEW.

Foley joined fellow Hall of Famer Sean Waltman on his Pro Wrestling 4 Life podcast where Foley commented on what he feels WWE can do to address the issues that exist.

“Well, [Chris] Jericho in that talk with Busted Open said, ‘We don’t put a line through our show an hour before it airs,’ and if people don’t know, Vince [McMahon] will do that. My son is a part of the writing team. I would never be able to handle being on a writing team. I take a lot of pride in things I write, and to see somebody rip it up in front of you, it would kind of send me heading for the exits. But you lose your continuity.”

“When you promise people two or three different matches the next week, and then they don’t take place and you don’t explain why, and then you have another show that does a really good job of telling you what’s going to take place next week, and they also do a very good job of telling you what’s taking place on that show, even with graphics. You’re watching the show, you’re watching a match and then they tell you what you’re going to see in the upcoming two hours, and I think that’s really smart. I know Vince thinks he works his best under pressure, but you can’t have continuity that way.”

Foley did have some kind words about what WWE is doing well while pointing out the great work that Paul Heyman is doing with WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns on Smackdown:

“I think you need to gather around who your big stars are, how you’re going to push them. And in some ways, they do an amazing job with a handful of people. This Roman Reigns thing, ‘The Tribal Chief’ and Paul Heyman’s complete and utter subservience to him and the Brock Lesnar storyline. I look at Roman and I was saying what he needed to lose was the quirky facial expressions that turn people off. And I didn’t know if they could actually go full heel with him, but he has turned in some amazing work. They do a lot of things well.”

“I just think they need to pay attention to continuity. They need to go back to big picture, thinking outside of just the WrestleMania main event, and they need to let the talent be as good as it can be.”

Mick Foley is a former three-time WWE Champion who was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription