Mauro Ranallo Joining WWE NXT Announce Team

Mauro Ranallo, former lead commentator of WWE Smackdown Live, 205 Live and the Cruiserweight Classic, will now be joining the NXT announce team. This was made official through a post on which featured a tweet from Triple H congratulating Ranallo on his new role with the company.

Ranallo has been off WWE television for a few months now and was replaced on Smackdown Live and 205 Live by Tom Phillips (who was replaced on 205 Live by Vic Joseph). Ranallo had to step away from commentating due to battling with a severe case of depression and there were reported issues with others in WWE. Ranallo explains his situation with WWE and his excitement to be joining NXT in the following Instagram post.

Since Tom Phillips is now the lead commentator of Smackdown Live, Ranallo will be taking over Phillips’ duties on NXT.

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