Lucha Dragons Announce They Are Entering WWE Draft As Singles Competitors (VIDEO)

The Lucha Dragons, Kalisto and Sin Cara, announced today on Facebook Live that they will be entering tomorrow’s WWE Draft as singles competitors and not as a tag team.

You can watch Kalisto and Sin Cara make this announcement in the video below.

Mark’s reaction: This pretty much guarantees that Kalisto and Sin Cara will be drafted to separate brands. I’m going to miss seeing these two together as I really enjoyed them as a tag team, but both brands need more singles stars now so it makes sense. Kalisto could survive on his own, but I feel like Sin Cara fits in best as a tag team wrestler. WWE tried to push Sin Cara as a singles star in the past and it just didn’t work.

I’m also surprised that Kalisto and Sin Cara announced their split via Facebook. It could have made for an interesting moment if they were both individually selected to separate brands and were forced to split up that way.

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