Lex Luger Was “Legitimately Scared” During Bruiser Brody Match

Lex Luger

Former WCW Champion Lex Luger has spoken about a cage match gone wrong when he shared the ring with an uncooperative Bruiser Brody.

By 1987 when the two men met in the War Memorial Auditorium in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Bruiser Brody was an old hand at cage matches whereas Luger had never set foot in one before.

Lex Luger discussed the infamous incident when he just had to find a way to get out of the cage with Gerald Brisco and JBL on Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw. According to Luger, he didn’t know what Brody was going to do next:

“I leapt up on the cage and jumped out. I didn’t know what he was gonna do, Brody. I didn’t know whether he was gonna cut me with the razor blades. I was legitimately scared of what was going on. I thought he was having a mental incident or maybe he was on something. I was legitimately [scared]. I mean, I got a wife and a new baby at home. I’m getting out of this cage.”

Luger and the referee had a chat while Bruiser Brody just looked on before The Total Package pushed official Bill Alfonso before leaving the ring, apparently losing via disqualification.

Lex Luger then recounted what was said between the two men in the back after the ordeal:

“I said, ‘I’m sorry, sir, but I don’t know what happened there.’ I’d never been in a cage before. Now I’m talking to Frank, not Bruiser Brody. He goes, ‘Don’t worry about it, brother. I’m in Texas right now. They’re switching me baby [babyface], you’re going heel up in Atlanta.’ He goes, ‘We’re in a cage, you’ve never done it before. It’s been a long day, don’t worry about it.’ He was real nice. It just wasn’t working.”

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