Kurt Angle Names Seven Wrestlers On “Tap Out List”

Kurt Angle used social media to create his own “Tap Out List” that was inspired by Arya’s kill list in Game of Thrones.

In Angle’s case, his list features seven all-time great wrestlers that he never got a chance to wrestle during his career that saw him end up in the WWE and TNA/Impact Hall of Fame.

Angle’s list starts off with Bret Hart, who is a guy Angle missed in WWE by two years and is a dream match for a lot of fans. Roman Reigns is obvious as the top guy in WWE today. Daniel Bryan is regarded as one of the best technical wrestlers ever just like Angle. Miro would have been a fun match due to the “evil foreigner” gimmick he has used against Angle as the American Olympic Hero.

Current AEW World Champion Kenny Omega would be a great choice with Omega recently saying that facing Angle was his dream match and Angle responded saying it would have been a classic match. CM Punk, who debuted in AEW last month, is another name on Angle’s list.

The last name of Angle’s seven choices is Seth Rollins, who Angle teamed with at TLC 2017 as part of The Shield, but the two never had a singles match together.

During a recent interview, Angle spoke about how he has been offered “a couple of different” contracts by AEW. Angle claimed that AEW President Tony Khan has tried to sign him multiple times. Angle noted that he was offered a deal for many matches while other deals would see him appear likely in a non-wrestling, but as an on-screen personality.

Angle has said on The Kurt Angle Show (available via AdFreeShows), podcast that he may return for the right price although he was obviously joking. Angle also laughed about how his wife would kick his ass if he did it too! Angle said:

“If they paid me $10 million, I would do one more match. I’ll wrestle Kenny [Omega] for $10 million. I’ll get my ass kicked.”

“Mrs. Angle [would kick my ass], I’m more scared of her than anybody else. I wouldn’t be able to tell her, there’s no way she would let me do it. She would lock all the doors from the outside.”

The 52-year-old has made it clear that he has retired from professional wrestling after wrestling his last match two years ago at WrestleMania 35, which was a loss to Baron Corbin.