Kurt Angle Chooses Daniel Bryan For Potential Retirement Match, Also Talks Seth Rollins Injury

While promoting his “Golden Truth Q&A”tours with Cult Of Whatever, Kurt Angle was questioned with who he would love to wrestle in a retirement match, provided WWE cleared him to compete for one last hurrah.

Oh gosh, if I had to pick one guy to wrestle to end my career with it would be Daniel Bryan. I think Daniel is an amazing wrestler and I know him and I would be able to have an incredible match similar to what Shawn Michaels and I did at WrestleMania 21. He is an extraordinary talent especially in the ring, they don’t get much better than him – he is the one I would like to get my hands on somewhere, sometime I would love that match

It’s not too surprising that Angle picked Daniel Bryan; those two wrestling has got to be one of the most tantalizing realistic dream matches one could fantasize about. The exerpt about being able to put on a clinic similar to the WrestleMania 22 match with Shawn Michaels is greatly intriguing. It’s common knowledge that the match is amazing, but it’s also actually my favorite match of all time.

Angle then immediately went on to discuss Bryan’s in-ring style, which actually parallels his own methods of hurling himself into high risk situations for creating unparalleled excitement.

Daniel Bryan has his style of wrestling and he’s his own worst enemy. When he goes out to the ring he puts everything on the line especially his body. When you’re a wrestler you are not meant to be harming yourself but Daniel Bryan seems to be doing harm to himself whether he’s doing an offensive move or if someone is doing a move on him.

Daniel is always bumping, his high running knee he takes a bump, when his flying through the ropes he’s taking a bump but that’s his style and he’s not going to change the way he wrestles, he’s going to wrestle like that until the day he retires. I just hope he gets another chance to get back in the ring and finish his career the way he wants to before he retires.

As busy as ever with the media, Kurt Angle also appeared on 105.7 The Point this weekend to discuss the recent tragic Seth Rollins injury. Basically, Angle says that due to WWE becoming a publicly traded company around 14 years ago, there is no way they would let Rollins compete with an injury so severe even to just drop the WWE Championship in a quick 30 second match.

No, they will not. The WWE went public about 14 years ago, and started really implementing the Wellness Policy around 2006-2007, around the time that I left. They won’t even let Seth Rollins step into a ring until he’s 100 percent healthy. They won’t even let him in there to drop the belt. I had a broken neck and I had to drop it to Brock Lesnar in a match at WrestleMania. That was okay back then. Today they wouldn’t do it.

Vince didn’t want me to wrestle at WrestleMania. We knew I was going to have surgery, and were going to cancel the WrestleMania match and have a 30 second match on TV the week prior to drop the title to Brock Lesnar. I was over at my neighbor’s house, and his child with down syndrome showed me the DirecTV magazine cover and was all excited to see me wrestle. I literally looked at him and started crying. I called Vince and said I’d do it. Back then it was fine. It won’t happen anymore. I respect Vince for that.

Angle and Vince are both right on this one; it’s stupidly unnecessary to have someone compete with an ACL tear just to drop a championship. This is one of those situations where moving forward as a publicly traded company is a benefit to the safety of the performers. With that said, I have astronomical respect (something I already had) for Angle performing with Brock Lesnar with a broken neck.

Hopefully we see Angle back in a WWE ring though, because that proposed Bryan is mouth-wateringly enticing. Just imagine the technical prowess and counters that could occur.