Kevin Nash Tweets Image Of Nude Woman And Later Apologizes

Big Sexy’s Twitter feed got a little too sexy, as the WWE Hall of Famer tweeted out an image of a nude woman on a bed.

Proof of what Kevin Nash shared can be seen here (directly embedding nudity on this website isn’t a wise idea, but if you’re over 18 feel free to view).

I’d also be interested in knowing whether this was an accident or if Nash was hacked. Both are very real possibilities; lately wrestlers are consistently getting hacked (do they not understand tough password protocol), but this also wouldn’t be the first time a member of NWO was caught engaging in some online sexual activity.

Obviously, Hulk Hogan and X-Pac have sex tapes online, but Nash’s closest buddy Scott Hall once was caught mistaking Twitter for Google, searching for images of young women online. Aren’t old people and technology a hilarious combo?

Considering Seth Rollins had his Twitter hacked with a picture of his dong posted all over his feed and then became WWE Champion only a month later, I don’t expect someone with a Legends contract that sees minimal TV time to be punished. Obviously WWE won’t like it, but this is a far cry from the domestic incident involving his son that got him temporarily suspended from said contract.

Who is this mysterious woman? Was Big Sexy horny or hacked? Place your bets in the comments below!

UPDATE: Kevin Nash is now claiming he was hacked.