Kevin Nash Claims That A Famous Match Caused Part Of Wrestling To Die

Former WWE and WCW Champion Kevin Nash has given his view on one of the most iconic moments in wrestling history and says he wasn’t a fan of it.

Nash, who is a two-time WWE Hall of Famer, was a guest on Eric Bischoff’s 83 Weeks podcast [available at] alongside the former WCW President and his co-host Conrad Thompson. During their discussion about Nash’s career, the topic inevitably led to Nash’s own opinions on the wrestling business.

Kevin Nash named Hulk Hogan as the greatest worker of all time on account of Hogan’s safe style. With a risk of injury low when getting in the ring with The Hulkster, it meant that a match with Hogan could happen night after night after night with no particular worry for Nash.

On the other hand, there is one moment in wrestling history that the former Diesel says caused a part of the business to die – the infamous moment at King Of The Ring 1998 when Mick Foley went sailing off the top of the Hell In A Cell at the hands of The Undertaker.

For Nash, the bump was going a bit too far:

“I’ll say it to the day I die, one of the biggest parts of our business that died after the Hell in a Cell was when Mick Foley fell whatever he fell through that table. Because now we took a work and made it a stunt.”

The moment that saw Foley crash through the announce table and caused a plethora of injuries to the WWE Hall Of Famer is one of the most repeated to this day despite happening well over twenty years ago. Remarkably not only did Foley finish the match with Taker as well as taking another potentially life-altering fall through the cell, but the Hardcore Legend also competed on a Raw taping two nights later in another losing effort to The Undertaker who had masqueraded as his brother Kane.

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h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription