Kenny Omega Reportedly Pitched For An Andrade Win At Triplemania

Kenny Omega

A new report has suggested that Kenny Omega pitched to lose the AAA Mega Championship to Andrade El Idolo at Triplemania.

At the event, Ric Flair made a surprise appearance to manage Andrade in his big title match which led to Konnan defecting to Omega’s corner.

Despite getting some physical assistance from the WWE Hall of Famer, it wasn’t enough for Andrade to win gold. After an intense back-and-forth bout, Konnan distracted the referee which allowed Omega to hit Andrade with the Mega Championship before delivering a One Winged Angel onto the belt to retain the title.

While it was originally reported that AEW asked for Kenny Omega to retain his championship, new details about the backstage manoeuvring surrounding the match have begun to emerge.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that it was true that AEW didn’t want Omega to lose, but things changed quickly. Christian Cage winning the IMPACT World Championship altered things from an AEW perspective, but the involvement of Ric Flair seemingly led Omega to want to drop the title to Andrade.

“So the original idea was that Andrade was going to win the championship. That was AAA’s idea, and then AEW said that originally that they would prefer that not to happen. It was not a contentious thing. It was ‘Ok, no problem.’ But a lot changed at the very end.”

“So, I guess what happened is, the idea was that they didn’t want Omega to lose the championship, any championship, before he lost the AEW Title. So that was the basic gist. You don’t want your champion losing in another promotion. That’s kind of just how major championships are, it’s one of the deals with major championships.”

“But, because of the way things happened and that they needed to get Christian Cage over for this pay-per-view main event, the decision was made for Christian Cage to win the IMPACT and TNA Championship’s from Omega on the debut of Rampage. So once that happened everything was different again. Not the day after, but since that was known, things were different.”

Meltzer explained that Kenny Omega wasn’t aware that Ric Flair was going to be at the show. However, once he learned that he was, he pitched losing the championship.

“So, essentially what happened is that there was plenty of talk, in the end AAA did come to the decision to keep the championship on Omega. What happened, Omega got there and found out about Ric Flair. Now the Ric Flair thing, even though it was kept a complete secret, it was known ever since he was released that he was going, almost immediately, that he would be going to Mexico.

But I don’t know who in AEW may have known, or didn’t know, but I know that Omega didn’t know. And when he got there and found out Ric Flair was going to be there, which was the first he knew, he was like ‘Let’s change the championship. Ric Flair getting him involved that would be a great story.’”

Despite Omega wanting to lose the title, the call was made by AAA owner Dorian Roldán Peña for him to remain champion with one eye on his next title defence.

“So that was kind of pitched and Tony Khan was fine with Omega losing at that point. But Dorian Roldán made the call that he wanted Omega to win, because the next championship match, it might be Omega and Psycho Clown, but I’m not sure, there were things that certainly hinted at that, but they wanted to do that match.”

“In the end it was AAA’s decision. That was how it ended up going down, but a lot of discussion was held at the last minute but AAA wanted Omega going over. So that was the end result. Originally they did not, but that was the situation.”

After being defeated by Christian Cage on the debut episode of Rampage, the pair are set to clash once more at AEW All Out on September 5th. This time Omega’s AEW World Championship will be on the line.

Since debuting in AEW, Cage has risen to the top of the singles rankings, remaining undefeated in the process.