Keith Lee Comments on His Time on WWE Raw So Far, New Entrance Music, More

Here are some interview highlights from WWE Raw superstar Keith Lee talking to Sports Illustrated.

Lee on what it was like wrestling Bobby Lashley on Raw last week:

“I think Bobby Lashley and I are similar. He’s super strong, but he can also break out the athleticism, and his explosion is excellent. He’s the kind of guy that could potentially push me into different realms of combat, because of his power and resilience in the ring. What we could have seen, had MVP not interfered, could have been something monumental.”

“I’ve seen a lot of Bobby’s work, and he’s someone that I’ve always wanted to mix it up with. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the kind of result that I would have liked [with last week’s DQ finish], but I think people liked what they saw, and it was a lot of fun for me.”

Lee was asked his thoughts on his WWE Raw run so far:

“I think it’s too early. I’m not even half a year into the main roster. There are things I have done that a lot of people have not, in terms of showing up and stepping right up to one of the best that’s ever done this. Those are things that make it stand out, but in terms of trying to rate, it’s too early. I don’t believe in the ratings systems and all the rest of that nonsense, people trying to be some sort of critic, especially for the people that don’t even do this. The way things have been going, it’s been a grind. At the end of the day, that’s all I need.”

Two things that have changed for Lee on Raw has been his ring gear and his theme music, so he commented on that as well:

“I am very happy with my music. There is one little tweak I intend to make over time, but that’s got to be a timing thing and it’s got to be well done for me to make it work the way I want it to. I have some evolutionary ideas for my current music that just hit. In terms of the song itself, I wrote that myself and a lot of it is very personal. I’m very happy with being able to express myself in that manner. Even the track, the guys that did it are brilliant. I’m extremely happy with the way the track sounds. I’m happy with the music overall, and I look forward to the little tweaks I intend to make down the road.”

“As far as gear goes, my gear is the same as NXT except I have to wear a top right now. Is that my choice? No. But I do what I need to do in order to also keep the people I work for happy. At some point, I will get so big that it won’t matter what other people want because Keith Lee knows what’s best. Someone will figure that out at some point, and then I won’t be wearing a top anymore. Until then, I have no problem with this.”

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There’s also a WWE 24 documentary special about Keith Lee that will premiere on WWE Network this Sunday. You can check out a preview clip below.