Kane Comments on Long History with The Undertaker, “Brothers of Destruction” Documentary on WWE Network, More

There’s a new documentary on WWE Network called “Brothers of Destruction” that features WWE legends (and future Hall of Famers, no doubt) The Undertaker and Kane sitting in an empty theatre in Austin, Texas talking about their careers. It premiered on WWE Network on Sunday and is available on-demand now.

For the majority of their careers, The Undertaker and Kane didn’t open up very much with interviews talking about their lives, but in the last year we have learned a lot more about Mark Calaway (Undertaker) thanks to WWE’s “Last Ride” documentary plus many interviews Calaway has done. As for Kane, most wrestling fans are aware that he is now Mayor Glenn Jacobs of Knox County, TN and that’s his day job now instead of dressing up as the “Big Red Machine” as he did for most of the last 23 years. That’s 23 years as Kane. We don’t want to bring up the Isaac Yankem and Fake Diesel stuff here.

Kane spoke to TVInsider recently to talk about the Brothers of Destruction documentary and more about his history with The Undertaker. Regarding the making of the documentary, he said:

“It was really awesome. I went down to Austin, Texas, to meet up with Mark and the crew. It was a small theater that due to COVID-19 of course [didn’t have] a live studio audience. We just got to talk for three hours about The Undertaker-Kane rivalry, the Brothers of Destruction, and Paul Bearer. It was the first time in history Glenn Jacobs and Mark Calaway have had that conversation in public, which I think fans everywhere will really enjoy.”

“It was also pretty neat because for me it filled in many blanks. It gave me more appreciation for the history between the two of us and the characters. I actually got to ask him questions I didn’t know the answer to just because I had never thought of them. In WWE, you’re performing every night and going all over the place and everything is a blur and goes by so quickly. A couple of times something would come up and I’d be like, “I’ve never asked you this.” For me, it was really cool to be able to fill in what essentially are blanks in my career.”

Kane also spoke about what matches he had with Undertaker that really stood out to him as his favorites.

“The two are the first WrestleMania match and Inferno match [at Unforgiven 1998]. The WrestleMania14 match was special because it was my first WrestleMania. To be there against The Undertaker in that spot as the culmination of this storyline was a dream come true. Fast forward to the next month and it’s the Inferno match. I think a lot of people thought the WrestleManiamatch would be the end as far as Kane was concerned. And if I would be around for a while, I’d probably be dropped down the card. We then have this even bigger spectacle at the next pay-per-view in the Inferno match. The first time anything like this had been done in WWE. I actually thought it was one of our best matches from a technical standpoint. I would pick the Inferno match as a fan, but for me emotionally, the WrestleMania match was my favorite. “

Regarding The Undertaker’s decision to retire earlier this year, Kane commented on if he thought it was the right decision.

“He once told he would go as long as he felt he could not disappoint people. When people would come to a show and watch The Undertaker and feel that was The Undertaker. If he got to a point where physically he wasn’t able to do it, that is when he would have to hang it up. He has had some issues like we all have with injuries as you get older. He is at this point now. The fact he still had a great match this year with AJ Styles in that Boneyard match at WrestleMania. He wants to go out on top and doesn’t want to diminish the mystique of The Undertaker in that manner. I think he made a good decision. Although it is bittersweet.”

Lastly, Kane was asked about his friendship with The Undertaker.

“Mentally, our relationship was one that started with, ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to The Undertaker !’ Very much one where I was in awe because I was a huge Undertaker fan before I got into the wrestling business. Then it turned into much more on my part, like a mentor-student type thing. He was a guy that I listened to and tried to emulate in how he carried himself inside and outside the wrestling business. Then through the years it got to be more than that. We were equals and friends. It got to the point where we talked about matches, and he asked what we should do in a particular spot. That was different because early on it wasn’t quite like that. I would sit there and be quiet and listen to what I was supposed to do. Then the fact he trusted me to even try to make a match better. He looked at me and trusted me to do what I was doing. “

There have been recent reports of some of Undertaker’s closest friends like Savio Vega, The Godfather and others have been invited to be a part of The Undertaker’s “Final Farewell” at Survivor Series this Sunday. It’s not known yet if Kane will be there, but If I had to guess then I would say that’s very likely considering their history together.

There’s more in the interview over at TVInsider right here. Once again, you can check out the Brothers of Destruction on WWE Network on-demand now. The trailer is below.