Kalisto Revealed As Original 7th Member Of WWE Money In The Bank Ladder Match

If you were watching Monday Night Raw the first week they started having qualifying matches for this year’s Money in the Bank ladder match, then you may remember that there were originally supposed to be seven members in the match instead of the six there were last night.

WWE quietly did away with having a seventh participant without giving any reason as to why. Due to this suspiciously happening, there was a lot of talk in the weeks leading up to Money in the Bank that WWE would surprise us with a seventh participant as was originally planned. However, it never ended up happening.

On the most recent episode of “This Week In WWE” the original graphic for last night’s Money in the Bank ladder match was accidently displayed. This original graphic revealed who the seventh participant was going to be, and as seen below it was going to be former United States Champion Kalisto.

Mark’s reaction: I’m guessing that they scrapped having Kalisto in this match because they want to rejuvenate the Lucha Dragons as a team again. We saw that last night in their victory over the Dudley Boyz during the Money in the Bank Kickoff Show. Kalisto’s United States Title run was very mediocre to say the least. It wasn’t necessarily Kalisto’s fault, but it makes sense to have him concentrate on the tag team division again with Sin Cara. I think WWE has enough singles stars to push for the US Title.