Jon Moxley Comments on Having More Promo Freedom in AEW, Feud with Omega, More

Jon Moxley recently sat down with Yahoo Sports to discuss his upcoming match this Saturday night at AEW: Full Gear, where he will face Kenny Omega. Moxley believes that his match on Saturday against Omega is the money match for AEW right now.

“I’d say this is definitely the money match right now. You can tell when there’s a spark between two guys in the ring and there’s this combustible energy, an electricity you can feel. Our lives intersecting at this exact moment, it’s hugely fortunate for all involved. It seems like fate.”

Moxley vs. Omega was previously scheduled to take place at AEW All Out in August, but was rescheduled due to Moxley having a staph infection. Moxley explained how by using this negative situation to help promote the match, AEW turned this negative into a positive one. Moxley explained that this was one of the first signs he saw that AEW was fundamentally different than the WWE.

“It’s a great thing creatively for AEW. You take this scenario and you get thrown a curveball and you take it and make it real, take it in whatever direction you want it. I was like ‘hell yeah,’ because it’s not like you have to get cleared or ask anything with regard to promos like that. It was real. You don’t have to worry about going through red tape, using big words, reading a paragraph or something like that. If you have something to say in AEW, you just say it.”

“Now we’ve got this legitimate thing that happened and it’s become part of the story now. It’s pretty cool. You can’t write it. We could have sat in a room and thought, man how do we make this match even bigger. We could have never figured out a way that was as good as almost killing me with a staph infection and taking the match away.”

Moxley went on how to explain how much he is loving another fundamental difference between the WWE and AEW, which is not having to follow a scripted promo.

“The great feeling about this is not having the worry that I’ll have to read some script that somebody else wrote that I think is dumb or makes me look stupid. I will never read another script on a professional wrestling show for the rest of my life. That’s a very good feeling. That was the biggest thing. I can’t describe how much that bothered me.”

Moxley then went on to explain how the AEW fan base has had such a huge impact.

“That’s been the biggest thing that’s powered this all along. The energy of the fans have powered the show with their enthusiasm. They love being at a big wrestling show that isn’t a big wrestling show. They love the talent that is choosing to not go the normal route.”

Moxley went on to explain that no one knows for sure what is next for AEW right now, as things are moving so quickly.

“When you look at all of this talent on the roster, everyone can do amazing things. For me it’s about finding the right personality and creating that spark. Giving it a big fight feel. A lot of times you can’t really plan that out and for me, I wouldn’t reveal it until the time is right. Nobody has any idea what is going to happen. We’re flying down the river at 100 mph now. It’s one TV at a time. We’re still going to be finding our identity as a product over time. We have an idea of what we want to be like and look like, a more old-school wrestling and sports show feel, but it’s also showcasing the newest, hottest, freshest, youngest talent.”

There’s more in the interview with Yahoo Sports, so check it out as Moxley talked about his schedule, his life and more.

Matt’s Musings: AEW has done an excellent job of building this feud and reinvigorating Moxley’s career after it was beginning to flounder in the WWE. The match this Saturday with Omega will be one of the most important ones in not only Moxley’s career, but in AEW’s short history.