Joey Styles Responds To Fan Criticism Of WWE; Calls IWC “Incessant Complainers”

Former ECW/WWE announcer and current Vice President of Digital Media Content for WWE, Joey Styles, recently took to his Twitter account to air some grievances he’s had with those who criticize WWE’s current product. Styles had the following to stay.

In response to someone thinking that Roman Reigns isn’t “over” yet:

In response to someone not looking forward to Raw because Cena will be returning:

In response to someone saying the IWC will always dislike whoever is being pushed as a top guy:

In response to someone saying that WWE’s rating are “trash” and larger amounts of fans are switching to Lucha Underground and PWG:

In response to someone saying that Lucha Underground could topple WWE from being the #1 in the ratings among wrestling companies:

In response to someone telling Joey Styles to stop using the term IWC because it isn’t the 90’s and everyone’s on the internet now:

You can click on the twitter links inside each of Joey Styles’ tweets to see the actual comments he is responding to. I just thought I’d preface each tweet a little to save you all from some extra clicking.

Mark’s reaction: These comments from Styles have generated quite the reaction among wrestling fans, so I’m interested to read your thoughts on the matter. As far as I’m concerned, it’s tricky. If you’re a dedicated fan who loves wrestling, you’re going to complain about things you don’t like or things you think can be improved upon. I think it’s a natural part about being a dedicated fan. However, internet criticism can and does get out of control quite often. Joey is also probably a bit more sensitive to negative comments than others for the simple fact that, since he’s the VP of Digital Media Content, he’s probably seeing more internet criticism than he typically would.

On a side note, I’ve never really liked using the term IWC. I think it’s kind of silly to just group all wrestling fans who read wrestling news or comment on wrestling through the internet into one group of people who all think the same. It never made much sense to me.

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