Jim Ross Signs New Two-Year Deal With WWE

Jim Ross, legendary wrestling announcer and WWE Hall of Famer, has signed a new two-year deal with WWE. Ross revealed this in a recent interview with FOX Sports.

Ross was the special guest ring announcer during last night’s WrestleMania 33 main event match between The Undertaker and Roman Reigns.

Ross had the following to say about his new WWE deal, which he signed this past Friday.

“It has a specific number of dates that I’m obligated to work, which I think is good for me. So look at it this way: I got my jersey back. I got brought back to my home team, and my opportunities back in WWE, I’m sure, will be multi-fold.

“They’ve got a lot of things that I can contribute (to), and I’ve been so blessed in the business that I’ve done so many different things. I’ve been an administrator and a syndicator, a marketing rep, a VP of broadcasting, a head of talent relations. But the fun part is what I did tonight.

“I hope to have more ‘fun part’ assignments in the future, but I’ve got my jersey back. So if the team needs me to play, to work more than they anticipated because they need it, I’m in.”

Ross also talked about his wife recently passing away and how some people felt that he was not properly grieving her death by getting back to work so quickly. Ross had the following to say about that.

“I’ve had some skeptics say, ‘Well, JR didn’t grieve very long. He’s already going to Orlando,’ and it pisses me off. How do you know I’m not grieving? What are you, Carnac? Are you some mentalist? And how do you have the audacity to say I’m not grieving about losing the love of my life, my angel? They say, ‘He’s already back at work,’ but what did you want me to do? Sit at home?

“I lost my best friend and soul mate, 24 years together. And I could have not come and sat in the darkness and cried more. But I was tired of crying, and I wanted to get around people that I knew loved me.”

Ross goes on to talk more about his wife, how honored he was to call The Undertaker vs. Roman Reigns match last night and more. You can read Ross’ interview with FOX Sports in its entirety by clicking right here.

Picture used above is courtesy of WWE.