Jim Ross Comments on His WWE Departure After 26 Years, WWE Filming Undertaker Documentary

Today is the end of Jim Ross’ 26 year run with World Wrestling Entertainment. The legendary Hall of Fame announcer signed a two-year deal with WWE in 2017 and recently, he mentioned that he was going to move on when the deal was up because WWE wasn’t utilizing him very much. Ross is 67 years old and wants to keep working in wrestling as well as doing college football announcing.

In a tweet that Ross sent out this morning, he posted a picture with his late wife Jan and The Undertaker. Ross noted that WWE is at his house today to have him comment on The Undertaker for a documentary is doing about The Undertaker.

Here are some recent comments from Ross on his WWE past and his future with thanks to for the transcript:

“There [are] a lot of big things on the horizon. I’ll leave you with that. There [are] so many rumors out there, ‘this is going to happen,’ ‘that is going to happen.’ All I can tell you is this: I’m not keeping any secret. My contract with WWE is up at the end of March. What happens after that is not up to me entirely. It takes two to tango on any front you go to. So, all I know is I’m not worried about any of it. I’m not worried about how to get my groceries in 2019. All is good.”

Ross also commented on the All Elite Wrestling rumors:

“I don’t know, [AEW and I are] talking. I just haven’t signed anything yet. My people and their people are doing their thing. The only agent I grew up knowing was a State Farm agent in Oklahoma, I got a real agent now, man. So, they’re working on it. I’d like to get into some voice-over work, I’d like to do some… I wouldn’t mind having a radio gig doing college football.”

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TJR Thoughts: I think Jim Ross is the best wrestling play by play guy ever. I know that at 67 years old he might be considered too old to be a play by play guy, but he would give instant credibility to AEW if they were to sign him as their lead announcer. There are others that can do a good job I’m sure. I just think JR is the right man for that job when AEW runs their “Double or Nothing” event in late May.

As for a documentary on The Undertaker, that’s a great idea and I’m sure it’s going to be incredible to watch whenever it comes out later this year or next year.