Jeff Hardy Talks TNA And Injury Setback

Jeff Hardy spoke with The Daily Star’s Patrick Lennon a few days ago to talk about his career in TNA, his bike accident that left him with a serious leg injury, and the consequences the injury could have on his future. Here are some highlights of the interview. Click here to read the interview in its entirety.

The former WWE and TNA Heavyweight Champion suffered a broken tibia in a motorcycle accident in May of this year. The break was surgically repaired but unfortunately there was some more bad news on the horizon.

“I have a torn PCL [posterior cruciate ligament] in my right knee and it’s been torn ever since I broke my tibia. They put a rod in my tibia, so after all the swelling went down I knew something was wrong with my knee. I finally went to the doctor, and I had an MRI, and found out it was a torn PCL.

“I just started physical therapy last week, it’s been really tough. Hopefully that is going to work and I can avoid surgery. Fingers crossed.”

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time that Jeff could very well be headed back to the WWE in the near future, but talking to Patrick, it’s quite apparent that his number one priority right now is his recovery from his injury.

“Right now I’m mostly concerned about getting better. This is the first serious injury I’ve had in my entire life. This is very new for me. I realise how much I love wrestling now, because I miss it so bad. Just being at the shows and watching the guys go out there and go hard and have great matches, it just makes me feel kinda, I want to say, weak.

“I know what it’s like, because I’ve had so many friends who have dealt with surgical issues and have been out for long periods of time. Now I’m in that boat, I just want to get better, and continue to help TNA improve.”

As many know, Jeff’s in ring style is that of a high flyer, and he admits that this current injury could force him into a change of style.

“I think a lot of it is psychological. The thing is, my style, I’m the kinda guy who if I feel I can’t wrestle the style that I always have, then I’m not going to want to wrestle at all. Then there’s a part of me that thinks, ‘Jeff, you can still be great and modify your style’. I think that’s what my future is going to be like, maybe not as insane!”

Conversation ends with his time in TNA , and the company’s off screen problems. Jeff admits it’s been hard for everyone there and doesn’t understand why fans aren’t watching the product.

“I just don’t understand it and I never will because I’ve watched so many TNA shows that are just great.

“Drew Galloway is awesome. I love watching him wrestle, and cut promos.

“EC3 is right there, he is the top dog.

“Yeah, it’s frustrating to wonder why, and understand why it has not taken off like it rightfully should have.”

Ski’s Take – After seeing Jeff turn his life around after the Victory Road incident 4 years ago, it’s disheartening to see his career screech to halt like it has done now. Jeff’s TNA tenure before the accident was on the rise, and with his brother Matt had captured the TNA Tag Team Championship in March only to vacate them a few weeks later due to the accident. Since then he has been used in a non wrestling screen role, such as EC3’s personal assistant, and as the special guest referee for the main event at this month’s Bound For Glory PPV.

To hear that his head is still high, that he will be back, is not only great news for TNA but for wrestling in general. Jeff, and Matt, were pioneers of the glory days of tag team wrestling. Jeff even had the opportunity to hold major singles gold too. And bearing that in mind, I think that at some point next year WWE will be beckoning for them both. With the Dudleys there at the moment, I can think of no better time to go back to where they hit the big time, for one last run. Help promote the soon to be thriving WWE tag team division along with the Dudleys. Maybe one last run with the gold. That to me would be a fitting end to Jeff’s career, not to be left in the stagnating mess that is TNA.