Hulk Hogan Comments On Possible WWE Return; WWE Replies to His Comments

Hulk Hogan is no longer associated with WWE after his racist comments were released in 2015 from a tape that was from several years earlier. Hogan didn’t know he was being recorded, but what he said was pretty bad and it led to WWE firing him or at least saying they aren’t going to work with him for the foreseeable future. Things didn’t end up all bad for Hogan because he was awarded $140 million in a lawsuit against Gawker and then eventually settled on receiving $31 million from them.

As a result of Hogan not being a part of WWE anymore, there is no indication that he will be a part of WWE’s Raw 25 show that takes place this Monday in Brooklyn and Manhattan to celebrated 25 years of Raw.

Hogan recently tweeted that he’s going to be flip on Raw from his Florida home.

Hogan was interviewed by Dan Gelston of the Associated Press and it was picked up elsewhere like the Washington Post. Here are some of the more interesting comments from Hogan.

On his influence on the business of professional wrestling:

“Brother, if I’m not there, I’ll definitely be there in spirit. One way or the other, Hulk Hogan influenced each and every one of those guys you’re going to see on TV Monday night. And that includes Vince McMahon, too.”

On WWE terminating his contract in 2015:

“It devastated me. The bottom dropped out. It was just a situation that was unexpected; didn’t even know it was going on at the time. I was blindsided by it.”

On if he can still compete in a wrestling ring:

“I’m 64 years old and right now I could go out and tear WrestleMania down. I might have that one more match where I really beat the hell out of Vince. I’ve still got one in me.”

On the possibility of WWE wanting him back:

“I don’t know if they want me back. I think the fans want me back. I think that I’m part of that company from the ground up. Triple H I know is a huge fan of the guys that gave their blood, sweat and tears and their personal life to make this happen. I know Triple H would love to see me back on the inside again.”

That comment by Hogan led to Gelston contacting WWE, who offered up this reply: “At this time, WWE remains committed to its decision.”

It seems like Hogan is really not going to be a part of Raw 25 and then people will wonder about WrestleMania. Who knows?

In the wrestling business, we’ve learned to never say never. I think at some point within the next two or three years we might see him in WWE again, but I’m sure a lot of people never want to see it too.