Hulk Hogan Becomes Spokesman For Fantasy Sports Website

While much of the world is in an uproar over Hulk Hogan’s racist tirade, there are a few outlets utilizing his excommunication from WWE as their own personal gain. One such group is, which is a relatively new sports gambling website (similar to Draftkings and Fanduel) that has chosen Hulk Hogan as their celebrity endorser.

Below is an official statement on the decision from Fanpicks head spokesman Shawn Perez.

We all make mistakes and deserve second chances. Hulk Hogan is an admired athlete and Global Icon. For 3-plus decades, he has been inspiring fans around the world. He spends a good amount of his time doing so much for numerous charities and causes. He’s a perfect partner for us and together we will be making contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation on behalf of Hulk Hogan.

Personally, I really don’t see how this benefits Fanpicks. Who the hell is going to drop everything just to switch betting sites because Mr. America is endorsing one over the others? Furthermore, Fanpicks is a recent addition to an oversaturated market of gambling websites; it receives barely any traffic and the addition of someone still in the spotlight for maliciously using the N-word liberally isn’t going to steer users in their direction like they assume.

Still though, as someone less harsh on Hulk Hogan (the comments he made were years ago during a dark period in his life, and he probably does regret the way he acted out) it is nice to see Hulk Hogan bouncing back somewhat. It’s more like bouncing on a trampoline rather than shooting back to the moon, but work is work and I won’t fault him for taking the opportunity.