Goldberg Will Be Making WWE Appearances During SummerSlam Weekend; Lesnar/Heyman Video

Former WCW Champion and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Goldberg will be making appearances in the New York City area for WWE during SummerSlam weekend, which is this upcoming weekend. It’s likely that he will be there for the WWE 2K17 video game that he’s a part of as a pre-order. Although he will reportedly be in town for the entire weekend, it is not yet known if he will appear on WWE television. As of right now, he is not slated to make an on-screen appearance. This is all according to PWInsider.

Goldberg will be promoting the brand-new WWE 2K17 videogame this weekend, a game in which his playable character is a special pre-order exclusive. WWE 2K17 releases this fall, on October 11.

Here’s a Brock Lesnar promo with Paul Heyman talking trash to Goldberg about the video game.

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